We were born on a sunny April afternoon in Paris. This could be the beginning of an idyllic story of a brand. And it was. Although not so idyllic. We could say in 2020 - an atypical year of a whirlwind of emotions in which it all happened but we don't all understand very well what we did over the 366 days - but it was in 2017 that Autenti'ka sprouted. As in most relationships not everything worked out on the first attempt. Mishaps along the way and a constantly changing female world. There was a need to stop and analyze to feel what was around us and so in 2020 we are reborn with a new image that embodies our sprouting again and that reminds us that paths are battles that we must always fight when we believe in them.

Perhaps the idyllic stories just have to be our stories: those of perseverance, of resilience, of luck... of great passions or even of fads. Working out may not mean that we get it right at first but that the path has led us to the place where we feel good. So Paris can be anywhere and anywhere be perfect to start a new story.

We maintain the same base: we create and produce in Portugal with professionals with extensive experience striving for the use of premium materials allied to design. We change the concept: we add joviality, joy, fascination and vivacity knowing that shoes are just the beginning of an idyllic story, in our own way, that promises as many chapters as we can dream of.